Mayday, The Suicide Guide • 9'21'' • Shortfilm, mockumentary

Love, money, work... can go the wrong way anytime.
Want to slame the door on life? Trouble finding the right final tone?
Mayday offers a lethal solution for every gloomy or despairing situation.

Our explorers went on a quest to find the most beautiful places,
and found great deals to satisfy your ultimate desires.
With the help of worldwide statistics, surveys, testimonies (sometimes post-mortem),
the guide establishes the Art of the Ideal Suicide. In a poetic and off-beat way. Always poignant.

Play - Semana de Videoarte (Argentina), official selection
Partie(s) de campagne Festival, official selection

Les Nuits Photographiques (Paris), official selection
Photocourts Festival (Bordeaux), official selection